"Asking Questions Always Yields Insight"

Strategies In Site, Inc. (SIS, Inc.) provides capacity building economic and community development services globally to clients, especially those in under-served or under-resourced markets, through strategic insights on holistic economic development. Cecilia A. Mowatt, President – Strategies In Site, Inc., focuses her management advisory practice on education, commerce, trade, and land/asset management. Promoting economic inclusion in the global economy, she creates dialogue and awareness of differing perspectives to inform strategies and build capacity for increased participation in the development of communities. An attorney with over 20 years of public and private sector experience, Ms. Mowatt works with companies, governments, and NGOs to create public private partnerships that create sustainable inclusive communities that are healthy, safe and prosperous for all. Her Colombian Jamaican heritage provides the foundation for her passion for multi-cultural exchange and international cooperation. Ms. Mowatt, a graduate of Stanford and University of California-Berkeley, resides in Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A..

Strategic Planning, Site Selection, Transaction Structuring and Analysis, Legal and Negotiations Management, Project Management, Asset Management, Process Reengineering, Change Management and Business Development are some of the services SIS, Inc. provides.

   Cecilia A. Mowatt, Esq.
Strategies In Site, Inc.
53 W Jackson Boulevard, Suite 1009
Chicago, Illinois 60604
phone: (312) 286-3310
email: info@strategiesinsite.com

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